How Much Does Asbestos Roof Removal Cost?

When looking at having you asbestos roof removed the first thing you will ask yourself is what will my asbestos roof removal cost? The average cost for standard size asbestos cement garage roof removal ranges between £600+VAT for a simple roof removal to £1200+VAT for a standard asbestos roof and asbestos walls. The costs are determined by a number of factors which include; The size of the garage? The accessibility? The garage location? If the material is damaged? The fixings to the timber or steel supporting structure? And other factors such as neighbouring properties or boundary disputes.

Generally to estimate the overall asbestos roof removal cost you need to measure that total m2 of an area. The bigger an area the less it will cost per m2 so for example on a standard 20m2 garage roof you could expect to pay £35m2 where as with a large unit measuring over 10,000m2 you could expect to pay as little as £20m2. This is because the overall cost of disposal is less to us as an asbestos removal contractor.

When booking in asbestos removal it is important for the asbestos removal contractor to fully understand the required works prior to attending site. The more information they are provided with the easier it is to price up the cost for asbestos removal works. Typically most asbestos cement garages can be removed in a single day. For an accurate quote on asbestos roof removal cost contact us today on the form below or call us today and a member of the team will come back to you shortly.

Bristol Asbestos Removal Ltd. can also provide full garage demolition. If the walls are concrete sectional or timber then we may require a skip may be required however our fleet of vans and trailers are no match for any job and we can generally demolish and cart away all debris the same day. Whether you need asbestos removal in Bristol or advice feel free to contact us on 0117 463 4190.

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